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Financial Roadmap

Valley National Financial Advisors utilizes a comprehensive planning process that incorporates all aspects of an individual’s financial hopes and dreams and gives them a “Financial Roadmap” to success. 

Valley National Financial Advisor’s Financial Roadmap takes a snapshot of your finances today and projects what will happen to your savings and investments over your lifetime using whatever scenario you paint. Once this scenario is built, Valley National can perform “what if” illustrations in a matter of seconds for you. For example, you want to know if you can retire this year – and if so, can you also afford to buy that shore house that has caught your eye?

Valley National Financial Advisors has developed Financial Roadmaps for thousands of Lehigh Valley residents since its development in 1986. It’s the perfect financial planning tool for retirement minded individuals. Valley National Financial Advisors also has used the Financial Roadmap for studying the impact of stock option exercises, college education funding, family gifting strategies, charitable giving programs, business sale and purchase, and many other complex financial situations.

The Financial Roadmap’s popularity is due to its ability to be extremely personalized to your individual and unique circumstances. It is comprehensive – all areas of your financial situation are analyzed. Most of our clients tell us that it has been extremely helpful in getting their “financial selves” organized.

Valley National Financial Advisors will present the Financial Roadmap to you and develop an Action Checklist of the tasks that need to be accomplished to put your financial house in order. Valley National Financial Advisors charges a fee for the Financial Roadmap – the fee amount is dependent upon the complexity of the financial situation.